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Code : TH/DA - 01
Time : 1N


(01 days ... Go on and on by car)
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Time Program
Thien Huong HDV and pick up at the rendezvous. The coastal road Khe - America's Forbes magazine voted one of the six beautiful beaches and charming on the planet.
Visit the Ngu Hanh Son: Tang Chon, dynamic Van Thong, Huyen Khong action ... You are free to visit and shop in Stone Non Nuoc stone village to visit and admire the workmanship of the artisans in thick.
Continue to Hoi An. Gourmet dinner or Hoi An: High floor, beat cake, mussels mixed ... Then walking from night markets Nguyen Hoang, hut enjoy the art, drop flower peace to the family ...
Visiting the ancient town of Hoi An (world cultural heritage): Phuoc Kien Assembly Hall, Temple Bridge, Museum of Ceramics ... You are free to visit, shop for souvenirs or visit the tailors hot ...
21:00 Back to Danang by sea. 
Paying guests on the first pick. Goodbye. End program.
HOTEL PACKAGE PRICE FOR 01: 400,000 (Applied to transplant)
Services include
1. Transportation : Passenger newer air-conditioned: 
2. Eating  : The program was signed. VND 120,000d / meal. 
3. Guides  : Cheerful, enthusiastic tour guide during the tour. 
4. Entrance fee  : Admission for the first time. 
5. Insurance: tour, on Vietnam's regulations. Levels of responsibility: 10,000,000 / service. 
6. Mineral water: 500 ml / person / day.
Services not include
8. Meals out of program, telephone, laundry, other personal expenses. Tip for the driver and tour guide, VAT
Child Services
9. Children 10 years old or older to purchase 01 tickets 
10. Children from 04-09 years old pay 50% service ticket (01 meals, sightseeing Being 
younger than 04 years old 11.Tre free. Parents take care.
- Conditions for cancellation and compensation
         Is responsible for the company to deposit 50% when the deal was signed. After the trip to liquidate it. Is entitled not to perform the contract without a deposit to Party B.
         For domestic tours done by plane, train after signing the contract you are responsible for payment of the full amount according to the schedule airline tickets and prices bought at the price announced by the company. Without payment, contract performance when the company does not take responsibility for any problems arising or any case related to the fare, all seats on flights, trains.
         If either party wants to change the contract, it must notify the other party at least 07 days (except holidays) prior to the date of departure. If unilaterally cancel the contract or change without good reason, they must be compensated 100% of the contract value. In case of cancellation 07 days before the departure date, the compensation of 30% of contract value. Cancel 04 days 50% of the compensation contract. Cancel 02 days before the departure date, the compensation of 100% of the contract value. One of the two parties fail to comply with the provisions on as unilateral termination of the contract.
         Increase or decrease the number of contracts. In the course of implementation, if you request an extra serving or schedule increases the number of visitors than the amount originally signed, the company still met. The number of visitors fell by more than the amount of the signing will take 50% do not take the tour. Visitor numbers increase or decrease or change the relevant conditions shall be annexed to the contract or mail attachment, fax to notice the change. Now attach the relevant annexes are considered contractual. Time change notification 07 days prior to the date of departure.
         Objective case: disaster, flight problems, the company does not resolve arises. At the same time the two sides have to be discussed, agreed and approved in annex the new change is made. The schedule is not delayed more than 02 times / ticket. For the implementation of ticket tour train, plane, depending on the level of compensation when flights, trains can not be possible that the compensation based on the principle of the station or the attachments when tickets for customers.
         In case the tour is done but due to weather conditions or some other reason for not going on as scheduled, the two sides agreed the outlines new plans and the roadmap, the cost for the trip without affecting both sides.
- Contract payment: Party A will pay Party B contract value remaining after the completion of the organization B tour. Period not exceeding 02 days of liquidation when the contract ends.
- Form of payment: cash or bank transfer.
- Payment currency: Vietnam Dong.
- Collective commitment:
         In any case, you have questions about any issues related to services: tour, which guides online or drive not available on your needs, please call the phone number: 0903 555 305 or phone number in the contract. If you do not call it the liquidation of the contract will be settled in accordance with the contract. All complaints and questions will not be resolved.
         In the course of implementation, if any problems that arise both parties will together discuss to resolve in a spirit of cooperation for mutual benefit. Where no agreement is reached between the parties, the settlement of disputes through conciliation, arbitration or Economic Court will be final as provided for by law.
          Conditions and other terms not specified in the contract is the parties comply with current regulations of the legislation on economic contracts.


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