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Chartering rotten coral Nam Du

Along with countless country scenery that no one can confidently assert that I have gone through and experience all.Scenery has been "forgotten" so that remains between full pristine beauty with a vitality that once discovered you could not help admiring awe and applause. Nam Du Island with emerald green sea and the natural scenery like no other will be the ideal destination for guests enjoys traveling and exploring.

As the most remote corners of the island district, Kien Hai (Kien Giang ), Nam Du archipelago curled up in the natural setting of sea area is not yet known. With 21 large and small islands, such as Cu Tron Hon, Hon Ong, Hon Ngang, than the color ... is gather together, converging Nam Du made a distinct picture with a colorful, very beautiful and majestic sea and islands, is sure to bring more visitors to discover interesting.

To express the richness of the island's landmarks Nam Du archipelago, with all folk rhymes: "Do Nai pierce than the color; Do Nai turned to Bo Dam; Hon Lo dam shore pulled back; Hon Ngang Islet to slaughterhouses; Hon Ngang Islet Touching turned into; Hon Dau used together on the island; Hon Dau located flanking Skip Austria; Austria dropped backwards off than he; Hon Ong Dam Islet thunderstorms to ... ".

The attraction of the island and features poetic, lyrical of young green, ultramarine water here promises to be an ideal destination for many tourists. On the dark blue background of the vast ocean, Nam Du archipelago appeared with the wild beauty that romantic, rustic but charming to heart. The white sandy beach basking in the sun early, patted the waves overflowed the gorgeous images that you can catch every morning here. Nam Du morning scene something as pure and absolutely cool bar that anyone coming here should also surprised, exclamation.

At dusk, visitors can ride the machine on the island's lighthouse and a full collection in beautiful scenery sight of the island from all directions. From here, you can reach out the sea breeze took the splendid voice, airy and free, so that everyone feels rush of life also in the wind which swept away. 

Far away, the fishing boat of fisherman makes the scene more poetic maritime domain. The crunch coconut trees in the sea breeze, the lyrics of the ship set sail morning are vivid brushstrokes views peaceful capital, lightly here.
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